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Tampa-based Brian Brijbag is an attorney and healthcare compliance and law expert with a background in anthropology. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and both of his Master’s in Applied Anthropology and Public Health from the University of Southern Florida. During his time in undergrad, Brian spent time in South America, studying Amazonian tribes and South American culture in general. When he began graduate school, he intended to focus his research on the Amazon, but soon discovered his interest in health disparities and environmental racism. 

Brian had always been a part of the healthcare industry. His parents both worked in healthcare, and many of his extended family members were physicians. Brian began working in the industry in 1999 as an IT consultant in doctor’s offices. Later, he was hired as the Chief Information Officer before moving to the administrative aspect of healthcare. Further deepening his experience within the industry, Brian Brijbag was able to raise venture capital to open a series of medical clinics in Central Florida, which he managed from 2003 to 2007 when he began pursuing his Bachelor’s degree.

The intersection between anthropology and healthcare proved to be the perfect path for Brian. His education and Master’s thesis, a study of environmental risk assessments and issues of disparities related to race and class, has helped to enrich some of his current core competencies, such as managing improvements upon organizational design and culture, building analytical thinking acumen, utilizing evidence-based translational leadership, and analyzing health policy and regulatory environment. 

Currently, Brian Brijbag is the Director of Healthcare Compliance at Corin USA in Tampa, Florida. His current role includes designing and conducting training to business functions on compliance-related issues, assisting with investigations into complaints relating to compliance issues where necessary, and providing general, ad-hoc advice on compliance issues to the USA leadership and business units.

Now, Brian Brijbag is pursuing a new direction in his career. In 2019, he graduated from the Tampa Campus of Western Michigan University Law T.M. Cooley School with his Juris Doctorate Degree. In April 2020, he passed the Florida State Bar Exam. Brian believes that pursuing healthcare law will be the perfect intersection between all of his passions and interests, allowing him to better help people and the troubles they face. 

For more information on Brian Brijbag and his knowledge about the field of anthropology, please visit his blog.


  • 2016 – 2019 –Dean’s List & Honor Roll at Western Michigan University Law School
  • 2016 – Tempo Award winner for “Changing The Tempo & Improving Efficiency In The Delivery Of Healthcare”
  • 2015 – Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium Judge
  • 2015 – USF Conference Presentation Grant Program Travel Award
  • 2015 – Student Honorary Award for Research and Practice (SHARP) Award
  • 2014 – Center for Brownfields Research and Redevelopment Travel Grant to the 2014 annual meeting of the Florida Brownfields Association 



Western Michigan University Law T.M. Cooley School – Juris Doctorate

  • Dean’s List & Honor Roll each term
  • Editor-in-Chief of WMU Cooley Practical Law Journal
  • Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society

University of South Florida – Master’s Degree in Public Health & Master’s Degree in Applied Anthropology

  • Thesis – Southern Chivalry: Perception of Health & Environmental Justice in a Small Southern Neighborhood
  • 2015 – Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium Judge;USF Conference Presentation Grant Program Travel
    Award; Student Honorary Award for Research and Practice (SHARP) Award

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