Anthropologists specialize in the study of human fossils to determine their behavior and characters. Over the years, anthropologists’ number has increased, and their skills are perfect due to advanced technology.
Modern anthropologists have turned to social media sites such as Twitter and blogs to write their research and findings. Since many can access these sites, it’s easy for their work to be accessed as we have internet access almost everywhere. Here are some of the best anthropologists who have good knowledge in this field.

1. Krystal D’Costa: she has a blog known as anthropology in practice for the scientific American. She mainly focuses on society through modern cultural research. Her posts tackle current technology issues and how they affect our livelihood. Her research extends to every detail covering human existence, such as food and the environment.

2. Dr. Holly Dunsworth: she doubles as a lecturer and a researcher on human evolution and origins. She lectures at the University of Rhode Island gives her the necessary environment to do research and keep up with current affairs. She started a blog managed by Wenner- Gren Foundation known as origins on the new sapiens. With her good writing skills, she writes fascinating pieces.

3. Dr. Sian Halcrow: she is a bioarchaeologist working in southeast Asia. Her blog covers recent findings on children in the past all over the world. In the blog, she includes her work and the difficulties and achievements that she faces in her duty line. since she involves her children in her career, she can advise balancing work and parenthood.

4. Dr. Carie Hersh: this anthropologist makes anthropological ideas and knowledge applicable in our daily lives. She specializes mainly in linguistics and cultural anthropology, where she highlights the difference and similarities in the old way of talking with the modern. She has a blog known as Relevanth, where she posts her work and any research findings.

5. Dr. Rosemary Joyce has led the archeological field in evaluating gender sex inequality and sexuality from artifacts and graves. Her way of blogging can be reflective or political, but it’s always fascinating. She writes two blogs known as what makes us human and ancient bodies ancient lives.