Anthropology is the study of humans, the human past and the factors that make us human. It also encompasses the areas of biological, dietary, health, and genetic composition of humans. This field studies the similarities and differences between humankind and primates. The students who take anthropology can get employment in several organizations such as universities, NGOs, health sectors, and government agencies based on their specialty. There are four different anthropology fields, which also define the types of jobs the anthropologists can work.




Archeology is one of the fields in anthropology where an individual can find a job. Archeology revolves around studying objects that are man-made to determine human behavior. Archeologists are involved in excavating tools, materials, bones, and teeth to determine humans’ past ways of life. They also use these studies to determine the dieting that the individuals used to have and any health-related complications they may have faced. With the recent technologies, the archeologists can detect and scan underground objects using laser technologies and Lidar.


Biological Anthropology


Biological anthropology is a field that allows anthropologists to study primates and understand the evolution process of humans. Biological anthropologists seek to understand how humans have adapted to the changing environments they have lived in and the diseases that affected them. The job also involves studying the relationship between biology and humans’ cultural practices and how these different components affected their daily livelihood.


Cultural Anthropology


This anthropology job entails studying the rules that govern and affect the humans in the various areas and societies in which they live. It seeks to break down the difference in perception of individuals, their diets, dressing and nature of interactions. For the cultural anthropologists to determine all these areas of human life, they have to live among the individuals they are studying. This act helps them gain an in-depth understanding of the social and cultural organizations and the different practices that the given group has.


Linguistic Anthropology


As the name suggests, the linguistic anthropologists study how individuals communicate and the role that languages play in different societies. This field of anthropology seeks to find the influence of language in creating a group’s social identity, ideologies and beliefs. The relationship between language, social structures, and cultural practices forms the basis of the linguistic anthropologist’s job.